Tuesday, January 4, 2011

well......it's a start

So I just made a huge deal of going CRAZY (as far as outfits are concerned, anyway) in 2011...

and then I went to get dressed, and this is the best I could come up with:

But to be fair, I only have a select portion of my wardrobe here at home, since I'm just on winter vacation.

And polka dots and leopard print! THERE'S CRAZY FOR YA. 
No, I'm kidding. This is lametastic.

 But it's okay, I have lots of crazy fabric which is just screaming to be made into crazy clothes, which will then scream to be made into crazy outfits, which I will then scream at to stop screaming, and then I will wear the crazy, screaming outfits and we will all be crazy together. 

So far, I'm likin' this new year's resolution.
But for now, whaddya gon' do? All I've got are these lame polka dots and leopard print shoes.

LOVE and right triangles,

polka dot top, forever 21.
cardigan, H&M.
skirt, diy&thrifted.
tights, H&M.
shoes, Target.
hair, I dunno, I fell asleep with it wet and in a bun and that's just how it turned out!

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