Monday, August 30, 2010

Self-Stitched September

Holy gravy, September is coming up FAST.
Back in the day (June, to be exact), I took this pledge:

'I, [April],
sign up as a participant of
I endeavour to wear
[at least one]
handmade [and/or refashioned] item(s)
of clothing [and/or accessories/jewelry]
every day
for the duration of September 2010.'

And now that it's coming up, it coincides perfectly with a shopping ban that I am imposing on myself for the entire month of September!

'I, [April],
will not purchase 
new clothing, 
or jewelry 
during the entire month of September 2010.
I will only be allowed to 
shop at thrift stores 
during this imposed shopping ban.'

Join me, will you?

love and right triangles,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

word up, meet me, i like you, i'm ape-z (yo)

I'm not a rapper but I try.

I made my old blog, The Right Hypotenuse, a very long time ago, and lots of the pictures are broken and I wanted something new.
 welcome to ape-z!

Here, I shall tell you all about myself while showing you a few recent fave outfits...

My name is April. Yes, I was born in April. I'm nineteen years old. I am a sophomore at Brown University.
diy skirt, thrifted shoes, f21 belt, h&m cardigan, f21 tank
I like fashion, sewing, painting, drawing, crafting, shopping, thrifting, refashioning, diy-ing, cooking, baking, cake-decorating, partying, and learning!
self-made skirt, tee from china, thrifted boots
I love right triangles so much that I want to get one tattooed on my body.
diy skirt, diy nails, f21 belt, marshall's cardigan
I am a massive fan of bright colors, neon, rainbow, and leopard print.
Marshall's romper, h&m cardigan, Marshall's shoes, Claire's bangles, Claire's earrings
My goals for this blog are to keep record of my daily outfits, inspire and be inspired through DIY magic, and show you the random things I make.
self-made dress, Payless shoes, thrifted belt, diy hat, h&m cardigan
I want to revamp my whole wardrobe so that it only consists of pieces I really love that stand out on their own.
Express tank dress, thrifted blouse, Charlotte Russe shoes, thrifted belt, self-made earrings
I want to be friends with each and every one of you.

love and right triangles,
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