Thursday, May 26, 2011

back in action

i'm obsessed with this color combination.

it's about time i posted some outfit pics, huh?

i'm bringing sexy back

dress, old navy
blazer, thrifted
belt, f21
shoes, thrifted

we, we, we so excited

but seriously.
summer is gorgeous, I leave for new york city on tuesday, and i'll be living and working and breathing there all summer long!

you guys should probably lemme know wassup, and give me some suggestions for topics to discuss.

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

internet, i've missed you

School is finally over, I'm home with nothing to do, and I'm moving to NYC for the summer next week!

Here goes a bajillion hours devoted to my Google Reader which has not been read in a bajillion years.

love and right triangles,

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Finally posting an outfit!

Tonight I went to dinner with two fabulous friends, drank chardonnay and girl-talked over sandwiches and cookies.

This fabulous leopard shirt is a new buy from my trip to Salvation Army yesterday. I am now TOTALLY leoparded up, and it's super exciting.

THESE SHOES are the friggin' bomb.

dress, H&M.
shirt, thrifted.
belt, thrifted.
shoes, Urban Outfitters.

I missed you all! I swear I'll catch up with the blogsphere asap.
love and right triangles,
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