Wednesday, August 29, 2012


top, Forever 21
tank, freebie
pants, Forever 21
shoes, thrifted
watch, Aldo

sweater, Gap
tank, freebie
pants, Forever 21
socks, H&M
shoes, Urban Outfitters
watch, Aldo

Still trying to find a good place to take photos in my new apartment - the windows are tiny and not so plentiful, so lighting is hard, but we do have a backyard, so when I have time and a buddy, outdoor photos are totally happening,

Stay tuned for before and afters of all my apartment decor projects!

Happy end of summer days! But seriously, Happy with a capital H. Because although summer is great, I am dying to start school.

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

neon summer

blazer, thrifted (studs - diy'd)
top, H&M
skirt, H&M
flatforms, Marshall's
sunglasses, Urban Outfitters
earrings, Kate Spade, gifted
watch, Aldo

Things I became obsessed with this summer:
below-the-knee skirts
this skirt (which is even more neon in real life, I promise)
oversized stud earrings
this watch

Haven't taken an outfit picture in almost two months! But I'm heading back to Providence tomorrow to kick off SENIOR YEAR with a BANG so I'll be taking more outfit pictures, I swear! (And hopefully I'll have stories to share and some real writing to post.)

love and right triangles,
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