Monday, July 25, 2011

pink pants

pants, Zara
tank, H&M
blazer, thrifted
shoes, Urban Outfitters
bag, freebie
belt, mommy

COLORED PANTS! Have you any idea how long I've been searching? My denim/black/grey pant collection does not work for my COLOR-ness. 

ZARA! Have you any idea how amazing this store is? I would literally wear everything they sell. And they were having a HUGE sale, and if I let myself own a credit card, I would have maxed it out. Good thing I refuse to get one.

STUDS! I totally found these random studs on the floor of the Seventeen fashion closet while I was just sittin' & chillin' one day, and decided to put them on my blazer.

love and right triangles,

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Monday, July 18, 2011

if i only had a brain

skirt, H&M
top, Old Navy
shoes, Payless
bag, freebie
blazer, thrifted

earrings, thrifted
turtle ring, Target
bow ring, Forever 21
slap watch, gift

i usually wear shorts under skirts and dresses because of: a) wind, b) stairs, c) dirty subway seats, d) constant sitting down/bending over/standing up again at work, e) that awkward sweatiness

except today i didn't. 

there was probably/definitely a lot of unnecessary panty flashing going on. it was breezy. eek!

What do you do to fix all of the above problems with wearing dresses/skirts?

love and right triangles,

Friday, July 15, 2011


diy deathly hallows necklace
My childhood is over.


dress, selfmade
shoes, H&M
necklace, selfmade
earrings, freebie

Last night, friends and I went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 pt. 2, obviously. 


I made this dress for the occasion out of black twill from the amazing garment district in New York, a Clorox bleach pen, and beads & paillettes also from the garment district.

And the deathly hallows necklace! I made that by cutting up my Panera card, taping it, and then painting it with black nail polish. The silver part was part of a necklace I had lying around.

Time to go be an adult now.

love and right triangles,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

do it alllllllll again

dress, selfmade
cardigan, H&M
belt, thrifted
shoes, Payless
bag, Aldo
earrings, freebie

Mucho apologies for the lack of posts this week!!

Mucho thanks to Marissa for being my substitute photog :)

love and right triangles,

Friday, July 1, 2011

80s day

dress, selfmade
blazer, thrifted
belt, thrifted
shoes, thrifted

Happy Fourth of July weekend!!

Things about NYC that I love:
1. the woman at the Columbia-116th st. subway station that hands out the free Metro paper every morning
2. the New York Public Library (finally got my library card!)
3. crazies on the subway
4. crazies on the streets
5. crazies
6. yummy margaritas
7. the flower shops on every street corner

to be continued!

love and right triangles,
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