Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year!

happy 2012!

my latest obsession: VELVET.
i scored this velvet dress earlier this week at the Salvation Army and ITS THE BEST

dress, thrifted
necklaces, unknown
shoes, Steve Madden via Marshall's
bad hair day, i left my hair care habits at school
lipstick, Sephora

love and right triangles,

ps: i'd ask you what your new year's resolutions are but i decided that new year's resolutions are dumb. LET'S JUST HAVE FUN

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cotton candy sky

The view from my window at 6am.

blog post about a blog that's already so meta it can't even handle itself

Today will be Day 364 of The Lawrence & Julie & Julia Project, which means one of my favorite blogs is almost dead.

BUT it will live on for those who have not been following it for the past year.

Read about how it started.
And then read the entire thing, from the beginning. This guy is hilarious, offensive, crazy, awesome, and I love him and the entertainment he provides me.

You will not be sorry.
You will only be sad that it took you 364 days to discover his genius.

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween outfit.

Orange top, thrifted.
Lace top, stolen from mom and modified.
Leggings, thrifted and diy'd.
Shoes, Forever 21.
Deathly Hallows necklace, self made.

Friday, September 23, 2011

spots and dots

cardigan, Target
top, Urban Outfitters
belt, stolen from mom
dress (worn as skirt), selfmade
socks, Target
boots, thrifted
bag, freebie (H&M)
neon charm bracelet, freebie (Ettika)
green braided bracelet, selfmade

My inner hipster is kicking in: colorblocking is getting too mainstream. Time to break out the print mixing. 

happy friday!

love and right triangles,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

rainbow baubles

shirt, Forever 21
tank, freebie
shorts, thrifted/diy
necklace, diy
watch, gift
belt, thrifted
shoes, H&M

This outfit is a little bit crazy, but it is also a lotta bit fun, and today was a particularly gross cloudy semi-rainy day so the LottaFun factor was mucho necessary!

Tying blouses at the front is my new favorite thing to do. Blouses are the new blazer. But also I need to rebuild my entire blazer collection because I decided that 70% of the ones I had last year are blech. 

Upcoming posts you can look forward to:
-more sewing and diy! tutorials included!
-my thoughts on menswear (and my favorite male fashion icon)
-limited fashion week coverage!
-preview of sketches of my minicollection for the school fashion show

Things in life I am looking forward to:
-the weekend

love and right triangles,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

you're a disco ball

pants, Zara
boots, thrifted

This shirt was craycray today, considering I spent six hours of my day working at the school cafe surrounded by coffee and muffins and chipotle mayo and chicken tikka masala. But it was also great.
I effing hate dress code, so I gotta dress it up some how!

In other news, I'm SO excited for fall TV!
Ringer is great, I highly recommend. Sarah Michelle Gellar is the BOMB.
And Community premieres tomorrow! If you haven't seen this play please!

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

red red blue blue black black

Flash makes photos INSANEEEE

dress, Urban Outfitters
shirt, thrifted
boots, Marshall's
watch, gift

When I was interning at Seventeen this summer, I got to go on a couple photoshoots to assist the stylist, which was awesome. One of the stylists dressed a girl in this color combination - black, red red and bright cobalt, and it was awesome. I always have the hardest time pairing colors with red, and I always end up wearing it with something lame like black or leopard print or white.
Red + orange = good sometimes, but other times not enough contrast
Red + pink = good sometimes, but other times too Valentine's day
Red + yellow = good sometimes, or you look like Ketchup and Mustard/Ronald McDonald
Red + green = Christmas
Red + blue = depends.
Red + purple = Red Hat Society old ladies

See what I mean? I just can never pair it with anything good.

How do you wear red?

love and right triangles,

Monday, September 19, 2011

6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch

dress, H&M
bra, Target
boots, thrifted
blazer, thrifted
watch, gift
necklace, selfmade
belt, stolen from mom
bag, freebie (H&M)

It's finally boots season! It's unbelievably chilly here in Providence, which is actually great because my legs are so pale that they are dying for tights to cover them up. And one day soon, they'll get their wish.  Fall weather is my favorite, but fall fashion is my least favorite because everyone thinks that cold means boring, and fall fashion loses all it's color and fun! But obviously, that's not okay with me. Dreary days need even more color if you ask me.

This necklace is my favorite! Expect some to pop up at my Etsy shop soon :)

love and right triangles,

Friday, September 16, 2011

orange sherbert

top, Forever 21
pants, H&M
shoes, Merona for Target
earrings, freebie

I don't like creamsicles, but I like dressing up like them!

love and right triangles,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the only brown in my closet is leopard print

sequin tank, DKNY
leopard shirt, thrifted
skirt, thrifted/diy
boots, Macy's
socks, Forever 21 (maybe?)

I vow to actually take outfit pictures every day from now on!

It's just that I've been working every day, and work clothes are boring. Dress code requires that I wear long pants, closed-toe flat shoes, and no sleeveless tops. Also, a stupid hat. booooo I hate dress code.

And now I leave you with a photo of my ROYGBIV'd closet. My only browns are leopard print, and a lot of my blacks are sequins :) Yep that's how I roll.

love and right triangles,
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

animal prints and complementary colors

Animal print day!

dress, made by me
shirt, thrifted
belt, H&M
shoes, Merona for Target
bow, made by me

top, Forever 21
pants, Zara
necklace, made by me
watch, gift :)
belt, stolen from mom
shoes, thrifted

These are the last outfit photos I have from New York City!
But now I'm in Brownland aka back at school and loooooving it.


love and right triangles,

Monday, September 5, 2011

you can't sit with us!

cardigan, H&M
tank, DKNY via Macy's
pants, Zara
shoes, thrifted
belt, Forever 21
watch, NY&Co

These photos are looooooooooong overdue...

One week at Seventeen, all of us interns decided to do spirit week, and in true Mean Girls fashion, "on Wednesdays, we wear pink."

And in true April fashion, on spirit days, I go all out. head to toe pink!

Many more catchup posts to come!
love and right triangles,

Monday, July 25, 2011

pink pants

pants, Zara
tank, H&M
blazer, thrifted
shoes, Urban Outfitters
bag, freebie
belt, mommy

COLORED PANTS! Have you any idea how long I've been searching? My denim/black/grey pant collection does not work for my COLOR-ness. 

ZARA! Have you any idea how amazing this store is? I would literally wear everything they sell. And they were having a HUGE sale, and if I let myself own a credit card, I would have maxed it out. Good thing I refuse to get one.

STUDS! I totally found these random studs on the floor of the Seventeen fashion closet while I was just sittin' & chillin' one day, and decided to put them on my blazer.

love and right triangles,

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Monday, July 18, 2011

if i only had a brain

skirt, H&M
top, Old Navy
shoes, Payless
bag, freebie
blazer, thrifted

earrings, thrifted
turtle ring, Target
bow ring, Forever 21
slap watch, gift

i usually wear shorts under skirts and dresses because of: a) wind, b) stairs, c) dirty subway seats, d) constant sitting down/bending over/standing up again at work, e) that awkward sweatiness

except today i didn't. 

there was probably/definitely a lot of unnecessary panty flashing going on. it was breezy. eek!

What do you do to fix all of the above problems with wearing dresses/skirts?

love and right triangles,

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