Tuesday, September 20, 2011

red red blue blue black black

Flash makes photos INSANEEEE

dress, Urban Outfitters
shirt, thrifted
boots, Marshall's
watch, gift

When I was interning at Seventeen this summer, I got to go on a couple photoshoots to assist the stylist, which was awesome. One of the stylists dressed a girl in this color combination - black, red red and bright cobalt, and it was awesome. I always have the hardest time pairing colors with red, and I always end up wearing it with something lame like black or leopard print or white.
Red + orange = good sometimes, but other times not enough contrast
Red + pink = good sometimes, but other times too Valentine's day
Red + yellow = good sometimes, or you look like Ketchup and Mustard/Ronald McDonald
Red + green = Christmas
Red + blue = depends.
Red + purple = Red Hat Society old ladies

See what I mean? I just can never pair it with anything good.

How do you wear red?

love and right triangles,

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