Sunday, September 23, 2012

candy apple

blazer, thrifted.
top, Urban Outfitters.
skirt, thrifted/diy.
necklace, Aldo. 
belt, thrifted.
shoes, H&M.

Pink and green has always been and will forever be my favorite color combination. Watermelonz4lyfe!

love and right triangles,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

so two thousand and late

blazer, thrifted.
top and pants, H&M.
boots, Marshall's.

My foray into dark colors hasn't really happened yet; I'm still negotiating with my beloved brights and neons and working things out.

I've been dying to wear that neon top with those pastel peach pants ever since I brought that top home a couple months ago, and I'm loving it. 

Happy weekend!

love and right triangles,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

an affair to remember

cardigan, New York & Co.
tank and skirt, Old Navy.
shoes, gift.
necklace, selfmade.

jacket, thrifted.
top, selfmade.
skirt, thrifted shorts->skirt diy.
boots, Marshall's.

The weather has dipped below 70°, school is in full swing, and I can finally wear my boots and cardigans again. All is right in the world!

If you know me at all, you know I'm in love with bright colors, and wear them despite rainy or wintery weather, when the universe seems to have this power over other people, telling them to dress as dreary as the weather is. It makes no sense to me, really. Why wouldn't you want a bright yellow umbrella to brighten up a rainy day? What is the point of a boring, black umbrella? 

Then again, I've been recently obsessed with darks -- rich, "fall" colors -- and wonder to myself if this relationship with brights and prints and color on color can last forever. 

As a supporter of open marriages, perhaps I can convince bright colors that I need to have an affair with the dark side, but that it won't mean that bright colors aren't my one true love.

love and right triangles,

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