Monday, July 25, 2011

pink pants

pants, Zara
tank, H&M
blazer, thrifted
shoes, Urban Outfitters
bag, freebie
belt, mommy

COLORED PANTS! Have you any idea how long I've been searching? My denim/black/grey pant collection does not work for my COLOR-ness. 

ZARA! Have you any idea how amazing this store is? I would literally wear everything they sell. And they were having a HUGE sale, and if I let myself own a credit card, I would have maxed it out. Good thing I refuse to get one.

STUDS! I totally found these random studs on the floor of the Seventeen fashion closet while I was just sittin' & chillin' one day, and decided to put them on my blazer.

love and right triangles,

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