Friday, January 14, 2011

Inspiration for life

This year, I'm going to finally lose the weight I've been steadily gaining for the past...forever.

Inspired by this post from Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman, I just wanted to post my goals.
According to The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, I have to list long-term and short-term goals, along with how I'm going to achieve them and how I'm going to reward myself along the way. This I've thought about plenty before even reading about the project.
(Shoutout to Tieka of Selective Potential, whose post on her weight-loss success was a HUGE inspiration for me)

For me, I need to focus on health-related short-term goals.

In total, I want to lose 40 pounds.
After the first 5 pounds, I'm rewarding myself with new hair!
After the first 15 pounds, I'm allowing myself to buy new clothes (which I won't do before then)
After the first 25 pounds, I'm gettin' myself a new swimsuit - just in time for Spring Break
After the first 35 pounds, I'm finding myself the hottest, sexiest, fanciest dress my minimum wage income can buy and WEARING it out wherever I happen to go that day, even if it's just walking around campus.
Once I reach my final goal, it'll be summertime, and I'm going to vacation to somewhere where I can lounge around in a bikini all day, every day, with close friends :)

I'm planning on losing 2 pounds a week, with the help of and the loseit iphone app - both of which I've been using for a while and I love.

Wish me luck!

And guys, I apologize for lack of outfit posts. I have been doing nothing all day every day so I haven't really been getting dressed.... I'll be back to school in 9 days though, so brace yourselves until then :)
Also, by 'nothing all day every day' I mean I've been redecorating my bedroom at home, so you'll be seeing that transformation shortly :)

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