Monday, January 31, 2011

ruffles, knee socks and sequins

Oh, how the title of this post perfectly describes my obsessions.
 I totally underestimated how chilly it would be today and decided to forgo a pair of tights AND a scarf (A scarf! I always wear scarves! what am I thinking!!) and almost froze to death walking outside between classes.
 But it's okay because for the rest of the day I'm working (ugh), and dress code requires long pants (double ugh).
 In other news, I had the greatest weekend I've had in a while, and even better is that it was a totally sober weekend (although I did smoke hookah) - partying (i.e., drinking) in college is just kind of repetitive after a while and gets boring, so I took a weekend off. I did, however, follow my drunk friends around on Friday night which always turns out to be hilarious.
On Saturday night, my friend had a birthday dinner followed by birthday PAINTBALL which was the most fun thing EVER. I still have a few marks on me from where I got hit :D
After I got back from paintball, my friends and I decided to start ice-picking and shoveling and digging into a giant snow mound on the green and turn it into an igloo...

It's a work in progress. After two hours, we were about to die from hypothermia. Igloo-building to be continued...

outfit deets:
dress, selfmade.
cardigan, Target.
knee socks, Target.
sequin brogues, Forever 21.

Happy Monday!
love and right triangles,

PS: If you haven't noticed, I've started doing a series called Musings on a Monday which are just random thoughts I have turned into a blog post. Check 'em out right HURR
(I like the way you do that right THURR. -the immortal words of Chingy)

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