Wednesday, January 5, 2011

berry swirl cupcake

I feel like a frothy, girly, berry-swirly cupcake today, and I LIKE IT.

It all started when I saw this dress hanging in my room next to this blue blouse, and I thought, hmm
Then I put it on.
I just bought this peachy belt last week and I knew I'd be wearing it with this dress.
Naturally, I put it on.
This berry pink tights were really the only ones that were clean (that I could find), and they happened to be sitting on top of the pile of (forever unfolded) clothes in my drawer.
So I put them on.
THEN I was like, I really wish I had purple suede boots. But alas, I do not.
These polkadot heels were the next best thing.
So I stuck my feet in 'em.
THEN I was like, cupcakes ain't NUTTIN without sparkle.
I dug out these earrings which are from my TENTH GRADE winter formal (and happened to be broken), fixed 'em up and stuck dem buggers in mah earz.
My hair happened to be in these body waves (WHICH IS MY DREAM NATURAL HAIR) because I slept with two funktastic buns popping out the side of my head last night.


dress, H&M.
blouse, thrifted.
tights, Target?
shoes, gifted.
belt, Forever 21.
earrings, Claire's?

dayum i need a manicure ;)

The world needed to see this.

I need a better place to take photos at school. At home I have all this space and big windows and no roommates and time to take lots and pick out good ones, and at school...nada.

love and right triangles,

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