Monday, January 24, 2011

polka polka

 In my effort to dress more excitingly this year I'm gradually pulling out all the stops.

I spent my free afternoon today making this dress out of an old duvet cover and I can tell it's quickly going to become a favorite wardrobe staple.
 And of course, I'm wearing knee socks again! I think I'm going to wear them every day until I run out of  clean ones/money to buy more/it's too hot to wear them.
 Things to keep in mind when putting together a crazy outfit:
1. You can never have too many colors and prints.
2. Accessories are key.
3. A crazy hair accessory always adds to an outfit. (Note to self: stock up on giant bows and funky hats)
dress, selfmade.
tights, ?
socks, Target.
shoes, Target.
cardigan, Target.
belt, thrifted.

love and right triangles,

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