Monday, January 24, 2011

Musings on a Monday #1: The Power of Rainboots

A friend once mentioned in passing something about how rainboots make her feel invincible. At the time, it didn't resonate with me that much, mostly because we were probably talking about 80 things at the same time, as we often do.
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Ankle Boot, here.
But somehow that comment sunk into my subconscious, because the next time I put on my rainboots, I did indeed feel invincible.
The Original MuckBoots Finch Boot, here.
Rainboots are just this awesome bright-colored water-proof shield you put your feet into and then you can walk through ANYTHING. It's like, HI-YAH! TAKE THAT RAIN PUDDLE!
Rockport Lorraine Chelsea Ankle Boot, here. (These are so incredible RAD)
You can jump, you can stomp, you can waddle right through anything the mighty rainclouds throw at you. You can even walk through mud. How's that for invincible?
Tretorn Skerry Vintery Shiny Rubber Boot, here.
In a city like Providence, where it rains every other day, and somehow the city is very poorly planned around this very commonly known fact - there are no gutters and the drainage stinks, in my experience - rainboots are that one sliver of sun that shines through a mass of clouds on a grey day.
DKNY Niagara in Saffron, here.
The dreary mood of a rainy day can certainly take over and threaten to swallow you in its melancholy but all you need is a pair of brightly colored and awesome rainboots (and maybe an umbrella too) to show that rain who's boss. Never underestimate the power of rainboots.

Rainboots make you invincible.

happy monday!
love and right triangles,

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