Thursday, September 2, 2010

Self-Stitched September: Day 1 (9/1/2010)

Phew! Day One of SSS happened to coincide with Day One of sophomore year classes, so it was QUITE hectic, especially with having to cover shifts at my job. BUT I MADE IT THROUGH and lived to see Day Two. Hurrah!
If you live in the northeast (in da states) then you know the HELLUVA heat wave we've been experiencing, which severely sucks because it severely limits the clothing I can wear. Severely.

And not only am I limited by the weather, but when I'm at work, I have to wear long pants and close-toed shoes and no sleeveless shirts! Which severely sucks even more. I mean, how many times have you seen me wear long pants? Like, 3 times a year? It's rough.
The 'self-stitched' part of this outfit is the skirt. I made it out of a watermelon-printed cotton stretch sateen which was meant to be used for a 4th-of-July romper...but that failed miserably. Allover watermelon print for a romper? No. Lesson learned. I managed to salvage a skirt out of the Disaster Romper though, and it's far from perfect but it works.
Hurricane Earl is heading our way tomorrow - there's supposed to be scary winds and torrential downpour all afternoon - but I'm extremely looking forward because 1) it'll be a million degrees cooler, and 2) I can wear my new shiny, tacky, yellow rainboots (which you will also get to see!) :D muahaha

Time homework. boo you, school.

outfit details:
self-made skirt, Gap tee, NY&Co headband, F21 belt, H&M flats

love and right triangles,

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