Thursday, September 30, 2010


Happy Last Day of September!
there's too much color goin' on in mah room. had to be black-and-whitened.
This romper is kinda my go-to on a hot day.

I am SO looking forward to tomorrow. Because:
a. It's Friday.
b. It's October.
c. I only have 1.25 hours of class!
d. I can go shopping.
e. My NEW CAMERA is arriving.
f. It's Friday!

Just have to make it through today...

It's WAY too humid and gross to be almost-October. Weather gods, what the hell?
this is me doing an anti-humidity-and-rain dance. 
And don't worry! I haven't forgotten about Self-Stitched September - I made these earrings in middle school. HAH.

outfit: Marshall's romper, $7. H&M cardigan, $10. Target shoes, $7? selfmade earrings.

love and right triangles,


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