Friday, October 1, 2010

Rebel without a cause

Yeah I know. Totally original title which includes a play on words i.e. my NEW CAMERA is a Canon Rebel XS (yes the least fancy rebel).
iPhone pic of awesome camera...ironic?
As soon as I got my camera (yesterday - a whole day early!) I just snap-snap-snapped a million photos :D

I am by no means a photographer, but I'd like to learn! For seriously, I have no idea how to frame a good photo. 
I mean. Clearly:
just kidding! that was just a zoom lens fail.

and now i am too far away come backkkkk!!!!!
And this photo, I funkified a little, but it was also a fail. As you can see, I am glowing redness. But we'll pretend that was intentional.
i'm glowing

This weather is MISERABLE. it's raining. hard. But I've got my yellow HEELED rainboots to keep me company :)

Side story: I was walking down the street in mah bootz and this pouring rain, sans umbrella (ella-ella-ella) and this guy walks beside me and says, "are those HIGH-HEELED rainboots?!" and I respond, "Yep!" and he goes, "OHMIGOD. LOVE EM." And then kept right on walking by. Moments like that are just great.
rainy day time, bring an umbrella.

And now, remember those October Goals? One of them was to draw what I wear every day. So here it is! This one is based off that photo up derr.

i will scan these in the future.

 best marker pens ever.
Happy Friday!

love and right triangles,

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