Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love ruffles (catchup time - Saturday's outfits)

Because we had a long weekend (for Columbus Day), my friend and I went to Boston for the day on Saturday, and all we did was eat and shop and walk around the city :) My new goal in life? Spend some time living on Beacon Hill. It's so adorable there!

Sunday and Monday (and today) were spent sounding like a dying frog-man, i.e. my throat is killing me and I croak instead of talk. Looking at these photos reminds me of a better time...woe is me (cue melodramatic score)
I LOVE this dress. Easily one of my new favorite items. Personal challenge: see how many ways it can be styled!
My good friend did a fantabulous job snapping these pics of me in Boston Common - I wish I had him to photograph me all the time! 

Hilarious exchange:
Me: I think ruffles are my new favorite thing.
Him: Like, in clothes or in chips?


We got back to Providence just in time to go to Waterfire and then go out! It was a friend's birthday so he was throwing a big shebangster.

Restyled for night:

And drawings:

Hope you had a wonderful Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving/Coming Out Day!

love and right triangles,

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