Tuesday, October 19, 2010

monochromatic: YELLOW

Next Wednesday is Wear Purple Day, and in the days leading up, I'm going monochromatic!
See RED & ORANGE here.

Major apologies for the lack of recent updates - I've been sick in bed for a couple days. But I still managed to put on some COLLUHH (that's COLOR with an UH)
Wore this to run to CVS to get Dayquil and cough drops. :)
 Then immediately got back into bed and slept for the whole day. :(

I am feeling much better today after spending so much time in bed.

Why is it that wearing head-to-toe black or white or blue is not a big deal, but if I go out in FULL ON YELLOW, people shoot me stares right and left?!

Green and blue posts to come!

love and right triangles,

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