Sunday, September 12, 2010

black and white and brights

I'm so smiley in this picture because I took this when my roommates were in the room.....embarrassing.

I live in a one-room triple, and my two roommates are guys. They're like, my best friends, but yes they are guys. Also I live in the Jewish fraternity house. I am not in the Jewish fraternity (obvious? I hope so) Weird? A little, but it's normal for my school. Anyway, living with guys is not that weird, and like I said, they're my best friends and I love them to death.
scary face
I whipped together this swirly-black-and-white print top yesterday before dinner so I could wear it all night - many people confused it for zebra print which is is clearly not, DUH people. Get your prints RIGHT, yo. (kidding, mostly)

Anyway, the top was actually a huge success, considering I sewed it from start to finish in about two hours, and every seam is finished and everything! HUTCHAHH!
Decided to go with teal, lime and hot pink, because y'all know me - black and white alone just ain't gon' cut it. (...just started typing in a southern accent...don't know why)

And for the eyezzz
green on top, blue on bottom :)

Definitely lost one of these earrings in the events of the night :(

outfit details:
self-made top, 2 hours
H&M skirt, $6 (wish I bought more!)
Payless shoes, $10?
Marshall's cardigan, $7
Forever 21 belt, $2
NY&Co watch, $15
Claire's earrings, $1
MAC eyeshadow in Zingy and Lime, $14.50 each

love and right triangles,

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