Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wrapping up september

A couple weeks ago, I posted this list of goals for September......and then proceeded to drop off the face of the earth.

WELL. Let me explain.

College. It's rough. There are many things do to. Like attend class. Be a good student and do all of the required homework. Ya know. And then there's my job. Which in the beginning of the school year is extremely beyond hectic slash chaotic slash hell slash my second home. And then my other job, which is kinda the opposite but still takes up valuable time during which I could be, like, asleep. And then there's extracurricular activities. Meetings. Et cetera. And naps. Yeah, naps are good.

So, I've been a terrible blogger, but now that it's (almost) October, I WILL REDEEM MYSELF.

Firstly, I ordered my new camera today, and it's arriving to the mailroom on Friday and I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED I AM ONCE AGAIN YELLING IN YOUR FACE.

Secondly, I am actually going to get dressed tomorrow and take the LAST OUTFIT PICTURE EVER WITH MY OLD SHITTY CAMERA I AM YELLING AGAIN I APOLOGIZE.

Thirdly, the shopping ban is over! I can go shopping! And I fully intend to. Friday. See you at the mall. And on Etsy. And at Urban Outfitters. eek.

FOURTHLY and Lastly with a capital L, it's a new month. Which meanssssss new goals!
yes that is my sillyband collection. no, i am not the slightest bit embarrassed.
GOAL 1. 

GOAL 2. 
Inspired by a fantastic tumblr, Little Tin Soldier, in which the lovely tumblr-er posts an outfit pic AND an adorable drawing of her outfits every day. Also inspired by this Flickr group!

for the benefit of y'all. <3 What diy things would you like to see?! TELL ME! (please)

SO. Here's to a lovely last day of September and an even lovelier October!

love and right triangles,

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