Sunday, September 19, 2010

quickie couple-a outfits

I realize I've been completely MIA - BLEGHHH school is extremely time-consuming.

But the great thing is, I think I've FINALLY cured my senioritis. Which I have been suffering from since junior year of high school. And it's wonderful to finally care about doing well in school again, and be on top of my game, but it is a very large time commitment - ya know, attending all my classes and doing all my readings. But what can ya do? -shrugs-
thrifted boots ($6?), diy skirt, Target tights ($2), Marshall's top ($7)

Marshall's boots ($20), Marshall's jeggings ($12), diy top, Forever21 cardigan ($13)
Outfits have been kind of uninspired lately. But last night, my two roommates left me with the room all to myself (!) - they were both out of town for the night. So, I gottalotta sewing done YAY.

This shopping ban has been incredibly hard. No clothes, no shoes, no accessories, no bags, no jewelry, no makeup, no nail polish?! (unless from Salvation Army) It's driving me bonkers. There are like 8 things I want to buy from Etsy right now, and I have to wait 11 more days and what if they're sold out by then and omgwhyamidoingthisitistorture!?

In other GREAT news, I will finally be able to afford the Canon Rebel I have been lusting for a YEAR when I get my paycheck this Friday. I CANNOT EFFING WAIT I AM DYING TO HAVE A HIGHQUAL CAMERA FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE SORRY FOR THE YELLING. but I am super psyched. 

hope your weekend was grand and your Sunday is lazy!

love and right triangles,

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