Saturday, September 11, 2010

let's review

I like making lists and I like goals. Except getting them done usually proves extremely difficult. 

But I figure a month is doable. I'm doing pretty well so far.

Let's review dem goalz.

1. Self-Stitched September. Self-Explanatory. (Or read more about it here)
So far, I'm doing well. When I have to follow dress code for work, I throw on a piece of handmade jewelry, just so I'm not breaking this month-long pledge :)

2. Shopping Ban. No shopping for clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, or makeup anywhere except from a thrift store.
This one is harder than I thought it'd be. But after all that shopping I did in August, it was necessary. Plus, it goes hand in hand with Goal One. If you can't buy it, make it!

3. Gym it up ERRday. 
I like the gym. I like working out. I got really into it this summer, and I still love it, and I don't want the laziness of college to get to me, so I'm making this a goal. On Thursday and Friday, I failed at this, but today I rocked it hard. And I only missed gym trips on those days because I was so wiped out, that I passed out and took naps instead of working out. Haha.

4. Don't skip class!
Yeah...Well, last semester, it got a little out of hand....But this semester I'm in love with all my classes and there's really no opportunity to skip anyway - only one of my classes is a lecture, but there's no textbook, so lecture is kinda mandatory in order to learn anything.


I BE GOIN' OUT TONIGHTTT, outfit post tomorrow with my going out wear :)

love and right triangles,

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