Monday, February 28, 2011

you look like sunshine

jeans/jeggings, Marshall's
boots, Sperry
blouse, thrifted
tank, diy
hairclip, gift

OBVIOUSLY when the sky is grey and people are depressed and the weather gods are punishing us and the clouds are crying, it's the PERFECT TIME to wear BRIGHT YELLOW shiny rainboots.

And then, when you go to an elementary school to teach art club like you do once a week, be sure one of the kids notices and tells you that you look like sunshine. And proceeds to list the different colors you are wearing. After all, it is art club and art is all about colors.

But also, when you walk outside with your yellow scarf that is the exact same shade as your yellow boots and your bright orange peacoat, thinking it's really cold when actually it's humid as hell and fifty degrees, make sure people stare, and hopefully a few people smile.

Because they're all dressed in drab colors that match the day and don't really make it any less depressing.

But this boots are MAGICAL -- they make any rainy day instantly brighter.

love and right triangles,

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