Friday, February 4, 2011

colors and textures, or looking forward to spring

I'm always all about brights. And there's never a reason not to wear them - in spring and summer, you dress for the season. In winter and fall, you dress for the anti-season. As in, "This day really sucks and it's gloomy and gets dark well before the day is even close to ending so I'm going to inject some LIFE and FUN and COLOR into the world by whipping my hair back and forth and wearing as many colors as my 5'0" body can fit on it."
And since winter has been unceremoniously HARSH this year, and since Lexy challenged the world to wear five colors in a single outfit...well, then it was only a matter of which five colors.
I guess I cheated a little, since some of my colors are found sparingly slash in the print of this skirt. But WHATEVZ man, I'd say the prints and the ruffles and the textured tights make up for the measly presence of neon yellow in the form of a skinny patent belt. BUT IT'S STILL A HELLUVA RAINBOW OF COLOR. (redundancy much?)
But I mean, wearing five colors could translate to wearing black, white, grey, blue and brown all in one outfit (which actually sounds barf-tastic to me) but none of those, except maybe blue, are actually colors. If you have ever watched What Not To Wear, you'd know as well as Stacey and Clinton that all of those colors are, in fact, NEUTRALS. I.E. NOT COLORS. 
So please, do the groundhog a favor and up his accuracy rate (a measly 39% if I'm not mistaken) and bring on the SPRING. Because if the weather gods aren't going to do it, we can at least fake it til we make it, know what i'm sayin'?

skirt, diy.
tank, diy.
blouse, thrifted.
belt, Forever 21.
earrings, Forever 21.
tights, don't remember.
boots, Marshall's.


love and right triangles,

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