Monday, February 7, 2011

Musings on a Monday #3: Why I Love Asian Women

I think Asian women are awesome. As a young Asian woman, I suppose it's empowering. Mostly though, Asian women remind me of my mom.

My mom and I don't have the best relationship, but I still admire her as a person. She's strong and confident and unafraid to stand up for herself. She can be insensitive and annoying but she's the number one person I look up to.

That being said, I generally have negative feelings towards my mother. But for some reason, my mother is the reason I love my Chinese female professors (I have two of them, plus two TAs) and my Chinese former boss. They are all so sure of themselves and comfortable in their own skin, and that inspires me. 

I identify myself as a mostly-non-Asian Asian, meaning that while I am of course Chinese, I relate more to American culture and traditions than to Chinese ones. Perhaps surrounding myself with Asian women who were all born and raised in China or Taiwan reminds me of the things I have in common with them, that I'm more Chinese than I like to think, and that I should embrace the Chinese in me more.

I don't know.

Happy Monday!
love and right triangles,

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