Monday, June 18, 2012

just pink

shirt, thrifted.
dress, H&M.
shoes, Kors via Crossroads Trading, Williamsburg.
watch, Aldo.

Yesterday, my roomie and I ventured to Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg, shopped around at Artists & Fleas, and then did some thrifting at Crossroads Trading. All amazing places to shop, especially Crossroads Trading, where the clothing is great, and the prices are actually affordable.

The one thing I miss about suburbia is the endless amount of amazing finds I always take home with me from Salvation Army. And for extremely cheap prices. But in cities, large ones like New York, and even smaller ones, like Providence, the Salvation Army stores are too often ransacked by hipsters and vintage store owners, leaving nothing good for the rest of us who don't mind browsing for hours to find that one amazing sequin blazer for only five dollars. I refuse to spend eighty dollars on a dress that I could easily find for four dollars in my hometown.

Does anyone know of a good, real cheap thrift store in New York/Brooklyn?

love and right triangles,

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