Thursday, June 14, 2012

blazer city

 blazer, thrifted.
top, made by me.
skirt, H&M.
flats, H&M.
earrings, freebie.
bracelets, gift/freebies.
ring, Forever 21.
watch, Aldo.

blazer, thrifted.
tee, Old Navy.
skirt, UO.
shoes, H&M.
necklace, freebie.
belt, thrifted.
watch, Aldo.

It's finally getting sunny and summerHOTHOTHOT in the next few days, which is a million times better than the cloudy, rainy, humid dreariness we've been forced to live with.

And actually, the hotter it gets, the more I'll wear my favorite blazers and jackets and cardigans, because it'll be so chilly in our air-conditioned offices.

love and right triangles,

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