Tuesday, June 5, 2012

first day

blazer, thrifted.
top, F21.
belt, thrifted.
skirt, thrifted culottes --> diy hi-lo skirt.
shoes, Necessary Clothing.

I really missed working at Hearst Tower - it's amazing to be back. It's a beautiful building, and I got to have lunch with my friend from my internship last year, and my boss is so nice, and I hope I get the chance to work there for real when I become a real person.

It's oddly cold for June, but at least that means I won't be nasty and sweaty on the subway platforms, at least for now. And it's the nice kind of cold where any clothing will do - it's (mostly) warm enough for all-out summer clothes, but it's cold enough for winter clothes too (a guy in the elevator today was wearing a puffy coat!).

And, today, the Sweetery truck was giving out free desserts to Hearst employees at lunch time! It was amazing - cookies and mini cheesecakes and other yumminess, all made with Maker's Mark bourbon. 

love and right triangles,

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