Saturday, March 19, 2011

partyin' partyin' YEAH!

Spring is finally here! (I hope...the forecast says it might snow next week whattttt)

But yesterday it was SEVENTY-ONE DEGREES and SUNNY (and super windy but that's cool) and it was absolutely gorgeous and perfect and everyone was outside and HAPPY and LOVIN' LIFE.

When summer starts to come around, all I want to do is wear and different dress errday, so obvz I couldn't just wear a dress that I've worn before, I had to spend my midday 3-hour chunk of free time sewing instead of something slightly more important like eating lunch or doing homework...

But anyway, I dug through my storage boxes and found THIS GEM
that I bought on Etsy in October with the intention of DIY-ing it into something better.

So finally I did, and there ya go.

dress, DIY.
shoes, Payless.

love and right triangles,

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