Tuesday, March 8, 2011

grey goose on the rocks

tee, diy
cardigan, NY&Co
skirt, thrifted
socks, AA
shoes, F21

I have this one friend who is nonstop-around-the-clock busy. He stays up all night on a regular basis, is never home and always has a mile-long to-do list. He doesn't do anything therapeutic, and if I had that kind of life, I would implode and then explode and then get put back together and explode again.

But as for myself, I need to do therapeutic activities for my mental well-being. I sew, I bake, I shop, I draw and craft, I watch TV and read the news, I do the crossword puzzle -- it's all extremely important to me.

A big thing for me is the need for change. I constantly rearrange my furniture, both at home and in my dorm room, just to refresh my environment a little. I get frustrated by my hair because I don't know how to make it very different with each haircut. And I totally soak in all the wonderful change that happens when new friends are made, new opportunities arise and new places can be discovered. But when there's a period where change is lacking, I start to feel like I'm outside myself, like I'm just watching my own world happen, like I'm watching a TV show. I've been having those moments lately, so this week, I'm going to change my room decor. I spent the afternoon taking the million photos down from my wall, and I'm super excitedly planning how to make it better. (so stay tuned!)

What do you do when you feel stuck in a rut, distressed, or in need of something therapeutic?

love and right triangles,

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