Monday, December 13, 2010

two more finals and i'll be back, i promise!

It has been a Really Really Really Long Ass Time. 
Like, more than a month!? what?!

It's because school got really busy, I got really uninspired, I stopped reading other blogs altogether and never put much thought into what I wore. But have no fear!

Tomorrow I have two finals: Chinese and contemporary art history, and then I'm DONE with the semester! I'll be hanging around campus for a few more days, working and relaxing, packing and having fun, and then it's back home to lame-o upstate New York on Saturday. Let's hope this winter break brings you new DIY projects, new outfit ideas and more writing for you to read :)

Let's get y'all updated on my life in the last five weeks or so:
Thanksgiving feast, dorm-style.
it took a really long time for him to stack those lumpy clementines
After five years of trying to see them live, I FINALLY got to see OK Go in concert and now I am newly obsessed to the MAX.
It was a really epic show. And Damian Kulash <3 <3 <3 I love you <3
Adios,  Painting I, you were good to me. (there'll be plenty of artwork-related posts to come!)
There'll also be an outfit post tomorrow, I promise - I like to dress up for exams :)

Back to studying!

I missed you guys <3

love and right triangles,

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