Monday, November 8, 2010

so much sparkle

Sequins, sequins, sequinsssssss!
The amount of sequined stuff I own has now grown to epic proportions, and I will NEVER RID of this madness. 

Also my roommate was just getting out of bed as I was taking these...

Awkward photos......

So yeah, the bow headband, the skirt and the shoes are all sequined :) It's the best I could do to glam up this total downer of a day. Leaves and snow are not meant to fall at the same time, people! But even worse, Providence weather gods seem to prefer rain over snow, so although it was snowing a bit through the night/early morning, it is now wet and gross and cold and windy and gross. Blegh.

forever 21 skirt, Betsey Johnson tights, forever 21 shoes, Target tank, H&M cardigan, selfmade headband, NYC scarf.

Also check out my newest item on Etsy:
I love this necklace. I made it out of shampoo bottles (of course) and black and white fabric, and neon pink chain, so all in all, it is RADTASTIC and reminds me of Mondo <3

Also, I was featured the other day on Etsy's Fashion newsletter!
And if you haven't yet, LIKE my facebook page! :) Pretty soon there will be exclusive deals and steals for the holiday season up in derrr.

love and right triangles,

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