Friday, November 5, 2010


WOW. I am the worst blogger ever! I completely left you hanging during my week of monochrome, we haven't discussed the ATROCITY that was the season 8 finale of Project Runway, and you haven't seen my multiple Halloween costumes!

So. To make up, I will throw everything at you at once. Ya know, dodgeball style. Except maybe don't dodge these things, just acknowledge that I threw them at you. Thus forfeiting the game. HAHA YOU LOSE.

FIRSTLY. Remember my week of monochrome? It's been a while, I know. 
Well, Wear Purple Day, on October 20, was established to show support for LGBTQ youth. To show them that there are many people who have their backs, and to let them know that it gets better. 

My PURPLE outfit was pretty lame/nothing new, but that was a stressfull week. (As evidenced by my total lack of posting since then).
And I didn't even draw it. Merrrhhh.

ANYWAY. THEN. THE PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON EIGHT FINALE. I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. It's probably the most frustrating thing I can think of right now. (But go Heidi and Tim!)

THEN it was Halloween, but actually in the world of college, HALLOWEEK! If you're unaware of this phenomenon, Halloweek is just an excuse for college students to celebrate (read: drink a lot) Halloween starting Wednesday until Sunday. My Halloweek was more of a Halloweekend - I celebrated from Thursday to Saturday. Three nights of Halloween means THREE (uno, dos, tres) costumes!

One of my friends dressed as Hugh Heffner, and then there were five of us who dressed as Playboy bunnies. And embarrassing costume, mosdef, but two of the playboy bunnies were guys, and it was so worth it to see them in fishnets and miniskirts. I have photos but I don't think they'd approve of me posting them for all to see. 

But we did make deliciousness in a cauldron!
And of course, candy :)
On Friday night, my friends and I dressed as the cast of Aladdin, and guess who (or should I say what) I was?
YEP that's me as the Magic Carpet! :D (and of course, I made it)

On Saturday night, I was a coloring book!
I just wore white tights and a white teeshirt/dress and drew outlines of random cartoon characters, doodles, etc in Sharpie, and wore markers around my neck and had people color me in throughout the night!

The sorta-kinda-fully-colored costume:

PHEW. All caught up? Etsy stuff and outfits to come! And November goals too :)

Happy weekend!

love and right triangles,

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