Sunday, June 5, 2011

sunday funday

 It's been a very lazy Sunday but I really wanted to wear my new dress! :D
I love pink, but for some reason I never really think to buy pink clothing. I always feel like my closet's already full of pink, so I pass up the pink clothes.......and then I realize I actually didn't need that 493248th green item of clothing. But I'm working on it! 
SEPHORA IS THE BOMB. I could spend hours in there trying out different colors and products and looking at all the pretty displays and smelling all the perfumes and colognes. Anyway, this lipstick is from Sephora. 
dress, H&M
blouse, thrifted
shoes, Marshall's
lipstick, Sephora Rouge (with gloss over the top....i like shiny things)

Will I ever leave my apartment today so that getting dressed up actually served a purpose? Only time will tell.

But really, its purpose was to make me HAPPY so I declare today a SUCCESS already :)

love and right triangles,

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