Sunday, June 5, 2011

day n nite (bowbowwww)

Weekends are amazing. I am going to be so sad when I (hopefully) have a part-time job to fill all that free time. saaaaaaaaad.
These shoes are so fun. GOT 'EM FO' FREE which makes them EVEN FUNNER.
tee, f21
jeans, marshall's
shoes, FREE

Yesterday my friend and I spent the afternoon at the 3rd ave street festival, which was awwwwwweeeesomee. God, I love New York.
It stretched from 80-something to 60-something along 3rd ave, and had tons of food and vendors...amazing.

THEN after some unhealthy-but-still-great shopping and starbucks-ing, we headed home to change for the night.
dress, thrifted
lace top, mom's closet
shoes, uo

We explored the East Village/Union Square at midnight, and ate barbecue as a midnight snack/dinner. SO MUCH ENERGY I LOVE IT

love and right triangles,

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