Sunday, April 10, 2011

back to the real world

The past couple weeks have been the craziest weeks of my life.
I went home for spring break, and then went with some friends to Montréal, and that was awesome.
Then, I came back to school on Monday and turned TWENTY!! Aahhh. My friend once pointed out that when you turn 20, you are now in the 3rd decade of your life. Which is CRAZY. But actually, I can't wait to be a real person, so I'm excited to get older.

Ssometime in between that, I learned that a friend from high school had committed suicide. Dealing with that made my week pretty insane. I hopped on a bus home so I could attend his funeral, and it was completely worth missing 4 classes, a presentation, a class discussion, the housing lottery, two work shifts, and time to work on the magazine to get the closure I needed, to hug his family, and to reunite with friends I hadn't seen in a very long time.

I don't remember whether or not I announced it, but my friend and I founded a fashion magazine at my school, and we've been working super hard to get the first issue out. So, without further ado...
I am proud to announce that after a 12-hour stint in the library on Thursday night, it is now complete and online!
You can view it HERE!

So. Yeah. Crazy week.
So crazy that I missed the first half of APRIL COLOR WEEK!
Della of Della Grace's Life is wearing awesome color for a week which I obviously whole-heartedly approve of. And of course, I will be wearing color too :) (But I will probably be celebrating April Color Week for the rest of my life!)
I obviously need to catch up. Here we go.

Birthday outfit:

 I wore this on my birthday (Monday) because ALTHOUGH I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU NEED AN EXCUSE TO WEAR SEQUINS, I would also argue that birthdays are the best days for sequins. Also, check it out -- New Blazer Number 1!

dress, thrifted & diy.
blazer, thrifted.
tights, Betsey Johnson via Marshall's.
shoes, Payless.

Spring Break outfit:

I showed my friends around my hometown of good ole Niskayuna, NY so we checked out Lock 7, one of the locks along the Erie Canal.

Also check out New Blazer Number 2!

top, Forever 21.
skirt, Forever 21.
blazer, thrifted.
tights, H&M or Target?
boots, thrifted.
sunglasses, NYC street vendor.
bag, NYC street vendor.

I'm obsessed with blazers.

Over spring break, I bought some colorful cardstock at CVS and redid my wall!

Hurray for color!
Stay tuned for New Blazer Number 3 tomorrow! :D

love and right triangles,

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