Sunday, March 25, 2012

catching up

After majorly ditching this blog for the last 3 months, I had a serious itch to watch my fingers dance and hear the clacking of a keyboard again. (As if I even wrote that much before.) But I miss this whole blogging world - I've been away from it for so long, hardly even checking my Google Reader this whole time. 

What have I been doing? The first half of this semester has already come and gone (I'm on spring break right now!) but I've been doing a pretty bad job of documenting it:

sequins galore in my painting studio this semester

so much settlers of catan

my painting on display in the elevator wing of List, 5th floor

beautiful puerto rico! (january 2012)

window cave, puerto rico
This week, I'm relaxing, cleaning, watching TV, and making art! So excited.

I'm also working on building up my jewelry collection - photos to come :)

missed you!
love and right triangles,

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